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The RP Colorguard Girls
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Hello all guard girls! You’re obviously here because you are part of one of the most amazing guards in all of Michigan no doubt about that! Each and everyone of you made this experience even more worthwhile and we are a great team. Our talent is amazing whether it be on flag, rifle, or sabre,so enjoy every minute (well most of them :-) of guard every year. Hopefully you will be looking forward to more fun filled years with new and returning members.

To wrap up the season, 2005 was a great year! MCBA FLIGHT II State Champions was no doubt our biggest reward, but also the fact that we are within the top 34 bands in the nation. Our state competitions have also helped us win first place each time and many many various awards. Of course everything started out rocky, but in the end it was so worth it (Alicia Vanderleest). All the memories we’ve shared have made up for every bit of it. A big thanks to our wonderful captains, Kelly, Barbie, and Sara for all of your hard work you put in. You all deserved the honor and we will miss you very much next year For all you returning members, let’s look forward to "GOOD VS. EVIL" for the 2006 season...building new memories, learning drill, meeting new people, and having tons of fun. Great job ladies. We rock!

Anyone is welcome to ask questions, randomly post, post quiz results, or just wish someone luck here. Go ahead and DO IT UP!!!

Front Row L/R: Meghan Lawton, Ashley Fagan, Alicia VanderLeest.
2nd Row: Paige Archer, Renee Andrews, Brynn Rogers, Kayleigh Price, Jessi Boehme.
3rd Row: Molly Bayne, Erika Start, Jessika Chilcote, Liz Helms, Ariel Vida, Carrie Goyette, Mary Upman, Lauren Howard.
Back Row: Sarah Chilcote, Ashley Terryn, Cady Black, Alicia Russell. Not Pictured:Joy Johnson, Jade Johnson, Jessica Smith.

Guard Members

Flag Captain Ashley Fagan
Rifle Captain Meghan Lawton
Sabre Captain Alicia VanderLeest

Renee Andrews
Paige Archer
Jessi Boehme
Kayleigh Price
Brynn Rogers

Molly Bayne
Jessika Chilcote
Carrie Goyette
Liz Helms
Lauren Howard
Jade Johnson
Joy Johnson
Jessica Smith
Erika Start
Mary Upman
Ariel Vida

Cady Black
Sarah Chilcote
Alicia Russell
Ashley Terryn

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Color Guard is love.

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